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  • Order Online Rakhi with plants and celebrate this unique Raksha Bandhan

    We are in the beautiful month of the year where all the fantastic festivals are approaching. All the celebrations will illuminate our life. It will bring joy, prosperity, and happiness to our life. Among all these festivals, Rakhi is the alluring festival that strengthens the bond between brother and sister.


    Raksha Bandhan is one such moment where we celebrate the fantastic relationship of brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan is also a moment where our brother is ready to pay any amount to give the best gift to their beautiful sister. All of us can relate to how sisters remain desperate for their Raksha Bandhan gift. To express your love towards your sister you should try a handmade gift made by their brother which displays the efforts of their brother.

    Everyone cherished the special bond with their siblings. We may fight, argue with them. But we have unconditional love, which can't define in words. Each one of us has beautiful childhood memories of celebrating Rakhi with our siblings.

    Send Rakhi with Plants Online for Raksha Bandhan Celebrations

    Raksha Bandhan is a magnificent celebration, which affectionately reflects the unique relationship of siblings. The day symbolizes the sisters' prayers to God to bless their brothers' long and healthy lives. Moreover, there is nothing more to beat than a Rakhi and a Fortunate Bamboo plant. The effect is entirely fantastic if the lovely Rakhi combines with these plants that show good luck and wealth in one's life. Since everybody seeks a new type of gift each year on Rakhi for their siblings, this Rakhi with plants is sure to be attractive on this upcoming Raksha Bandhan 2021.

    You can send Personalised metal Rakhi, Super Man Rakhi, Tortoise Rakhi, Evil eye Rakhi, Semiprecious Stone Rakhi, Multicolour stone Rakhi online to brothers with bamboo plants and delicious chocolates. So, what are you waiting for? Place your Rakhi order with plants from Gifts Valla. To make this festival unforgettable.

    Order Rakhi & Plants Combo with Gifts Valla

    With more individuals currently being professionally focused, the gift should also include presents that provide good luck and success in their lives. And what better way to impart the natural gift to our loved ones than fortunate bamboo plants?  When these beautiful presents reach your brother quickly and easily with our delivery on the same day, the surprise is fantastic. Our delivery assures that your Rakhi gifts arrive your brother on time.

    This Rakhi Bandhan sends Rakhi online from Gifts Valla by the same day Rakhi delivers with plants and praises the joyful celebrations. The fortunate essentials of Rakhi and these plants provide positive to celebrate and bless your brother's life with wealth and pleasure.

    Why do People trust Gifts Valla?

    We have been delivering trendy, creative, and personalized plant and Rakhi bouquets to many satisfied clients for more than a decade. We have gift shops in several locations across India, putting us in a better position to deliver your feelings and emotions to your loved ones in less than three hours. Our delighted customers will never miss out on the opportunity to show their love and pleasure with the online booking; all you must do is create an account on our website to gain access to features such as "my tags" and "my orders."

    Plants come in various colours, shapes, and sizes, as well as distinct growth patterns and designs. You must select the appropriate plant for the occasion. Gifts Valla has a variety of plants with so many options to express your affection and best wishes. We have a helpful customer service team waiting to assist you in finding the ideal plant and Rakhi to melt your loved ones' hearts when the doorbell rings.

  • Some exclusive Top Rakhi gift ideas for brother

    Rakhi is a special occasion that helps to make the bonding of you and your brother even stronger. But, in this case, gift ideas are gaining even shorter. Well, if you are also gaining ambivalent about which gift you can provide to your brother, you can follow this article. It consists of more than one gift idea that can help you to give your brother.


    Rakhi with chocolate

    On the occasion of Rakhi, you can give your brother a box that is filled with chocolates. If your brother loves chocolates, this is going to be a perfect Rakhi gift for your brother. The chocolates will be very delicious, and your brother will also preserve the product for a long time. Besides that, the product is available in the online and offline market so that it can be the ironic gifting idea for your brother. You can order them and also gain same day delivery.

    Cushion and Rakhi

    If your brother uses a cushion, you can give them these exigent cushion also. This is a set that will be a faourite option for you to make your brother exhorted. They can also use the product while sleeping and it will keep you even memorable to the brothers.

    Rakhi with plant

    If your brother is inveterate to plants, you can give them plants to make them feel good. When you search for the ironic and idiosyncratic gifts for your brother, you can give those plants, and you can search for their favorite plants that are available in the market and give it to them to make sure that the product is even idiosyncratic for your brother. You definitely like the product if your brother likes to store plants, and it will also make you exhorted to see him extolled.

    Personalized photo frames

    When you give bombastic gifts to your brother, you can also give them personalized gifts. These are the gifts that are available in the market, and these customized gifts can include pens, personalized photo frames, and much more with the help of it, you will be able to make your presence memorable to your brother. Also, your brother will love the product if you love to attach their name and photos in the gifts to make sure that you will keep this as a memory. Both you and your brother can preserve the product in your house, and it will be an excellent option for you to make the next Rakhi even happier. You can go for the candor gifts to them.

    Mug with Rakhi

    You can give consign the gift of time or a commensurate mug. When you give him a time, it means you are giving your particular time to your brother. It will denote as a circumlocution for you and your brother.  So it is time to make your brother exhorted. You can give your brother a stylish mug that can appear in his hand so they will feel even comfortable while drinking coffee. As a result, your brother will feel even more special and satisfied. So, if you want to make your brother exhorted, you can gift them a mug that will also remain helpful in their regular uses.


    And those are the gifts you can give to your brother, and they will help you make him exhorted. It doesn't matter if you're having a look for a gift for your older or younger brother; you can use these suggestions to find the ironic gift for your brother. Hopefully, the blog post will assist both you and your beloved brother in selecting a perfect gift that will make your brother exhorted.


  • Send Combos Online for Same Day and Midnight with Free Delivery

    Combos are the most effective method to pamper yourself and others! Gifts Valla's gift Combos may perform wonders and reignite your relationship with limitless sparks, whether you want to congratulate someone on their special occasion or offer your warm congratulations to someone on their special moment.

    chocolate combo gifts

    Buy Gift Combos from Gifts Valla

    Gifts always boost spirits, excitement and brighten your days with much-needed delight. As soon as a party begins, these knock on the door. Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary, or a housewarming party, these gifts appear out of nowhere, surprise us as soon as we unwrap them, and then excite us after they're opened. A simple present can have such an impact. And now that you know how gifts affect our senses and our moods, how about surprising yourself or a loved one with a combination of gifts that will create an unexpected, fascinating impact and get you praise from the receiver as well as everyone else in the room?

    Of course, you can go out shopping at the mall and spend days and nights gathering a few things, but what if we gave you a unique opportunity to make your loved one's day by washing them with not one but several gifts? Have we just dazzled you? Well, such is the strength of Gifts Valla and its services, which provide you with a diverse range of gifts, including gorgeous flowers, enthralling birthday combos gift, anniversary combos gift, wedding combos gift, mothers day combos gift, fathers day combos gift and gifts for sister, and brother. We offer a wide range of gifts that may be combined according to your preferences and sent as gift combinations anywhere in India. So, get ready for buying a gift combo and amaze your loved one with Gifts Valla's special online combination deals.

    When one is Not Enough, Order Gift Combos Online by Gifts Valla

    With Gifts Valla, it's not only the insufficient words; even one gift is never enough. Yes, when it comes to celebrations and special events. What about Valentine's Day? Well, you can always purchase Valentine's Day gifts online and send them to your loved ones using our online gift delivery service, including valentines combos with flowers, cakes, and other items. Flowers are always appreciated, but they are much more appreciated if you pair them with a delicious treat or a personalized gift, like a lampshade, key chain, or coffee cup. All our gifts are likely to make your loved one's day and take them on a trip of bliss. Men or women, we have a wide selection of gift combinations to suit any sort of bond and relationship.

    best combo gifts Surprise your Beloved ones with Gift Valla's best gift combo's delivery at their doorstep

    Find a wide selection of expertly crafted gift combinations for everyone at Gifts Valla! Our cake combinations, grooming kit combos, and chocolate combos are great options if you're looking for gift combos for your boyfriend or spouse. These gift combos for them are likely to brighten up your relationship with your special someone. There are several gift combos you may choose from to impress your girlfriend, like "Friendship Day combos," "New years combos," "Christmas combos," "Diwali combos," etc. On your loved ones' birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine's Day, you may send these gift combos online with us. Using our same-day and midnight gift delivery, you may send gift combinations online to your loved ones on any special occasion.

    Order Attractive Gift Combos Online in India

    Gifts Valla's services and delivery options are well-organized and tailored to its clients' preferences. Our gift combo delivery in India service enables you to send your beautiful combinations to anyone, wherever in India. And, while you're ordering and sending your top selections, you'll get free delivery on every order. Our products and services also enable you to hand-deliver happiness with same-day and Midnight Delivery choices. Don't waste any more time. So, place your order and enjoy the excitement that comes with it.

    Incredible Deals on the Best Combos from Gifts Valla

    We'll keep you up to date on the latest and most inventive combination arrangements for forthcoming events. Become aware of new and exciting ideas, discounts, and promotions on the website and social networks. Take advantage of discounts and promotions on top gift combinations and place your purchases ahead of time while the deals are still available. We will send your bestselling combos when you wish. We can't turn back the clock. "Track Your Order" will ensure that you do not miss the chance to create the finest impression on your loved ones on important occasions.

    taddy with chocolate combos taddy with chocolate combos

    Flower and cake combos, chocolate and flower combos, king and queen love plant combos, plant and rakhi combos, and Mug with Chocolate are among the best seller combos in our collection. With our decorating choices, you can take the surprise to the next level!

  • Make Your Gifts More Special With Personalized Gifts


    Everybody loves being gifted something personalized. It can be anything from photo frames to pillowcases. There are various types of variables to look for in gifts. The present giving to your loved ones holds a special feeling. Sentimental value adds a lot more to a gift. Various options can be found these days concerning gifting. Counting one's personal touch into a gift holds more value for your dearest one. It not only represents your feelings but also has emotional value too.

    Variety Of Gifts To Celebrate Every Occasion Of Life

    One of the most popular gifts these days are Caricatures. They come in various sizes and adds fun without even trying. A personalized touch for this gift is beyond capability. It adds fun while still having emotional value. Looking for a fun yet personal gift to give to your loved ones ends your search.

    Another one of our personalized gifts is Lamps. These lamps aren't simple lamps for your tabletops. They are different and can be gifted to anyone. Friends or family, these lamps are wonder work in itself. Girls love these personalized gifts for boyfriend to express feelings. Everyone loves being gifted something that has personal merit. This particular lamp can be your way to express your feelings towards your special one. Personalizing this with sweet words and giving it to your partner can make up for your anniversaries and birthdays.

    Who Are We? 

    We bring gifts to a new level. We make personalized gifts for everyone's liking. One of the most popular gifts of all time is personalized coffee mugs. We make these mugs with the best material. Gifts are a way to express what you feel towards that particular person. Customize ones that are best for your close friends or your partner. Personalize your gifts without any hassle now. We have made it super easy for customers to choose from a variety of items.

    A New Way To Express Your Feelings With Personalized Gifts

    We have a wide range of personalized gifts for everybody. The engraving in itself is heart-touching for gifting. One of the popular engraved gifts of all time is pens. These customized pens enhance the beauty of writing. You can have a go with this present for your partner.

    Engraved items are most loved because of the meaning behind them. It not only adds a personalized touch to your gift. Customizing it is a new way to let out your emotions and the value it holds. What can a person ask from their close ones? A lamp with sweet nothings holds a lot more emotional value.  Everyone loves something that is their own, most simply. We make it happen for you. Make your personalized gift for your dear ones with our website's help. Our gifts impact an individual's life for a long time in a positive aspect.


    Personalized Gifts Help You Express Yourself Freely.

    Many people are not comfortable with words. Our engraved products not only help with your confessions but also gives it memory too. The trend of engraved photo frames as personalized gifts is top-notch nowadays. There is a trend for engraved gifts for quite a long time now, and it indeed never gets old. Engraved photo frames, nameplates, pens, or anything of that matter holds a special place to everyone.

    With the help of our website, you can now order your desired gift for family, friends, or even for yourself. Little self-love is a must nowadays to go further in life. Expressing your feelings towards someone special is an impressive thing to do. However, including a personalized gift with it helps a person with extra courage. A gift represents that a person holds a special place in your life.

  • How is Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) Celebrated in Lockdown?

    Rakhi is celebrating the love and a unique bond between a brother and a sister. A magnificent Indian festival, Rakhi is celebrated by tying a rakhi (colorful threaded band) on the brother's wrist by the sister. The Rakhi is made up of silk thread and made in beautiful and colorful designs.


    This is tied to mark the promise of protection of the sister by the brother. The sister takes the blessings of the brother. If the sister is afar, she comes to the brother's house and celebrate the festival. This festival is celebrated widely and joyously.

    However, due to this coronavirus pandemic, the celebration of festivals have been affected negatively. One just can't go anywhere and is stuck at home. But this pandemic can't affect our zeal to celebrate the festivals. We will still celebrate them with full love and happiness.

    Celebrate Rakhi Online

    Yes you read it right, now you can celebrate Rakhi online. You don't have to go anywhere and risk yourself as well as your loved ones. Even if you live far away, you can still send rakhi to your loved one. Buy online Rakhi from us and send this anywhere. These online Rakhis can also be customized or personalised in accordance with the needs and requirements of the customers.

    We expertise in providing-

    • Online and authentic Rakhis that can be sent anywhere and to anyone.
    • Personalized and beautifully designed Rakhis which will be loved by all and especially your brother.
    • Rakhi for Bhabhi as your Bhabhi (sister-in-law) deserves a rakhi too. Exceptionally beautiful and available in various varieties, these Rakhis for Bhabhi will definitely leave you in awe.
    • A same day delivery in Delhi NCR for all those people who want to deliver the Rakhis to their loved ones in Delhi NCR and other parts. So you can book the rakhi the very same day if you live in Delhi NCR region.
    • Mesmerizing and memorable return gifts for your sisters as they deserve gifts too. Just book any gift of your choice from our online store and send it to your sister. You now don't have to worry about selecting the gift as the gifts are available at our store in a wide variety that too at very affordable prices.
    • Just select any rakhi from our store and celebrate the festival of love and happiness in a very unique and the safest manner.

    Now don't restrict yourself from sending love and care to your loved ones even in the hard times of coronavirus pandemic. This is a crucial time and we all have to support each other in getting over this. This is the time that we need to take care of each other and stay at homes and celebrate festivals from far. One can do video call and feel the presence of their loves ones with them. COVID 19 has affected everyone's life but it shouldn't affect our believes and happiness. We should celebrate the festivals and shouldn’t let the pandemic affect the celebration​s of our lives.


  • How To Celebrate Mother’s Day During a COVID-19 (Pandemic) | Easy Ideas At Gifts Valla

    Mother’s day is a special occasion to express to your mother that how much you appreciate her for what all that she does for you, your siblings, and everyone else in her life. But the question arises that how can you say “Thank you” in a unique way to the women who gave you the gift of life?

    mothers day 2021 image:google

    But, before going to the sharing of ideas of celebration of the mother’s day, 2021. We all should know that there is some limitations this year due to coronavirus. Mother’s day is going to be a little different due to the COVID-19. The holiday is usually celebrated with family outgoings or family get-together in homes. But as coronavirus pandemic restricts where we can go and makes social distancing. Coronavirus can’t let us stop to celebrate the mother’s day special occasion.

    We do celebrate but in a different manner so that all stay safe and be healthy. No matter what the situation is, there are always ultimate options to make the Mother’s day 2021 one she’ll always remember.

    It happens less when you have to stretch your mind beyond your usual way of thinking. Now, don’t let go this opportunity to become creative with what you might do for your mom on her special day. Use this opportunity to think outside the box and give her something that will make her glad.

    Before you browse our top Mother’s day picks, think about what she’s been eyeing many times. Here is some ideas of the Mother’s day celebration:

    Support her Hobbies

    If you are thinking of Mother’s day gifts Ideas this year, consider sending something to mom that will support her current hobbies or help her develop new ones. Whether it is painting, cooking or reading-related gift items, think about what she likes to do.


    Keep gathering your favourite family photos with mom and put them together in a personalized photo frame. Gifts valla offers a wide exclusive range of wonderful Mother’s day photo frames which you will get at your doorstep with proper sanitized packing. It’s a great effort that really counts.

    Spend Quality Time with Mom              

    Unemployment numbers increase due to the COVID-19 crisis. Some are feeling guilt about can’t send gift to mom. But Mother’s day is not just about the gift but a loving gesture. Spending time with your mom in this pandemic will be a great gift to your mom that she’ll never forget.

    House Plants & Flowers

    Flowers are an amazing gift to give your mom, but they usually wither quickly if you don’t pay much attention.

    houseplantsflowers image:google

    Now that we’re all spending more time in our homes, consider gifting a house plant to your mom,  it’ll last much longer.  It doesn’t matter that how costly a gift you can give, mom will love whatever you give her, especially if chosen with care. And don’t overthink of how to do celebrate mother’s day this year.


    Gifts valla has plenty of online mother’s day gifts that will safely be delivered to you. Just go to our site, pick and place an order.

  • How To Opt Out The Best Gifts For Your Super Mom On This Upcoming Mother’s Day?

    Mother’s day is such an amazing day for us to celebrate and honour her with great love and care. Mom is like an angel for us in our lives as she loves us unconditionally, takes good care of us, supports us at every step and never leaves our side in the time of struggle and difficulties.

    As mother’s day approaches, most of us are finding a way to celebrate the upcoming mother’s day with the endless celebration.

    specialoccasionday image:google

    Mother’s day is the best time of the year to celebrate and honor the incomparable love of a mother. Take this day as an opportunity to spend quality time with your mom and make her feel special with our luxurious mother’s day gifts.  

    If you are also looking for mother’s day gifts then you are just a single click away from a variety of meaningful mother’s day gifts. Our wonderful gifts will definitely make your mom feel loved and valued.

    Whether you want a beautiful flower arrangement for your mom or the best mom customized gifts or thoughtful gifts, we have all types of mother’s day gifts available at our online store.


    Send a Message of love to your Mother

    She raised you as a good person, and because of that she got to be a pretty special lady. Not only that, but she is also a wonderful grandma to your kids. Thank your mom for loving you unconditionally and remind her that how much she means to you. Our online mother’s day gifts will undoubtedly get the message across. Send our best gifts for mom and let her know that she is doing a great job which anyone else can’t do and can’t takes the place of your mom.


    Gifts that she love

    Express to your mother that how much you love as well as respect her with our fantastic collection of gifts for mother’s day 2021. No matter where you are, at giftsvalla we will make you sure that you will find the perfect mother’s day gift that will be treasured for years to come.


    Say “Happy mother’s day” to your Beautiful Mom with Giftsvalla

    We don’t know about you, but every year most of us usually struggle to opt-out of what to get for our mom and mother-in-law.

    bestmothersdaygifts image:giftsvalla

    But don’t you worry as Giftsvalla is here to help you all out as we have come up with the wonderful mother’s day gift ideas that are fit for every special woman in our lives. The person who has been with you from changing your diapers until you become a successful person and of course stay ahead. Your one and only mom deserve our classic gift ideas. We hope that our best mother’s day gifts help you find something amazing for your mom and if you are already a momma,

    happy mother’s day to you! We are certain she’ll know her hard work has paid off when she receives these beauties.

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